Boris Yu



What does this video remind you of? I was pretty creeped out when i saw the video for the first time. However, as I worked on this project longer, i found the dancing of the model to be quite beautiful. It was.. hauntingly beautiful if I may say. Though this was never released due to some unfortunate disputes with the director, I still want to upload the what I did for this video and what i envisioned while i did the sound design and composing for it. And as the title implies, THIS IS A 3D BINAURAL SOUND DESIGN PROJECT! Or attempted at least. As i was mixing i realized that i was missing the top part of the head.. if i had that i think would have done a pretty good first attempt. *EARBUDS/EARPHONES RECOMMENDED FOR LISTENING*


A collaboration project with two filmmakers located in London, UK. Not only was this the first overseas project, but it marks the point in which I branched out from the horror and suspense genre. "Two Cousins One House & Edmond" is an original short drawing inspiration from classic dark comedies such as "The Addams Family". The score for the web series plays with the the balance between comedic and suspense. The initial episodes have a more playful tune to it but as the story develops, the music blurs the lines between what is comedic and actually serious. Scores for the motion picture are powerful not simply because it gives life to what is on screen, but because it pushes the viewer's imagination and emotions to points inaccessible unless a harmony between picture and sound is present. "Two Cousins One House & Edmond" is the beginning of my professional musical journey in the motion pictures.


Ouroboros was a projected launched back in April 2013 based on the vision of Anthony Suen and Krista Rowland. Joining the team in July, I became the Audio Supervisor and Composer for the game. With an emphasis on self discovery, Ouroboros plays with the contrast between light and dark; our fears being what drives us to the darkness and overcoming the fear being the light. Though the overall mood and atmosphere of the game was in a genre I am proficient in writing for, it was rather difficult to write for something where the only reference I had were concept character drawings and rough level maps. The production process of a game is completely different from the linear production of video content and with the tight deadline we were on, the music and sound were produced along side as the game itself was being produced. To understand the emotions of the characters and how each level should sound was essential to the overall success of the game. Though translating ideas into sound was the biggest issue at hand, the success of the beta proved that the audio components were on the dot. The project ended in April 2014 and though no clear date has been set, Ouroboros 2 is in talks.